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We Won ! Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year


''Les Grands prix de la relève d'affaires''' served by the RJCCQ, allows the radiation and the development of the achievements of all of the trained members of executives, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and workers distributed the entire province of Quebec. Our President and Project Manager, Mehrdad, won the prize of Immigrant Entrepreneur of the year !

Mehrdad’s story reads like a successful Canadian Dream narrative. Since arriving in Montreal in December 2005, the entrepreneur quickly adapted to his new environment. “When I got here, I didn’t speak either official language, so I went to Concordia University in order to learn them, and in the process acquired a Masters in Construction Project Management," he recalls. "I was able to familiarize myself with all aspects of the industry and to observe the market, the techniques and processes so that by the end I was prepared for anything. Then I started Intelligent Design and Construction in 2008.

Today, the business is recognized for its savoir-faire and professionalism. Sales have doubled each year since its inception, and its staff is now comprised of 12 full-time employees. “We are in growth mode and it’s very inspiring to me to see my dreams become reality like this — not to mention running a business I love and managing a staff that impresses me daily.”